Upcycling: the new trend that is great for the environment

Do you also want to respect the environment? Don’t like unnecessary waste? Do you like finding new uses for things and restoring them with newfound value?

Join the world of Upcycling: thanks to the work of two interior design experts, we have created a new living experience in our rooms and apartments. Following our motto “From old reinvent the new”, we have given new life to our furniture with tradition and furnishing accessories – restoring antique furniture with a modern taste.

New Value, New ligth!

Combining old furniture with new fabrics and new accessories it is possible to give them new value and a new welcoming light. Admire the result of this design work in our hotel and take a selfie!

“Not life, but good life, must be primarily appreciated.”

– Socrates

Overnight Stay in the Hotel Sonnenhof Innsbruck-Igls

What are you looking for? How much value do you give to your travels, to your holidays, to your relaxation? It is easy to find a hotel in Innsbruck: this is a city that offers many possibilities. What we recommend is enhancing the value of your stay by looking for more than just a hotel – look for an experience.

Choose the Hotel Sonnenhof Igls to live a new experience, to be welcomed and pampered at the courtyard of the sun (this is the literal meaning of “Sonnenhof”). Find peace and nature in this place, together with us.

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